Can’t Go To Walk-In Clinics: See An Online Doctor For Free Instead!

Skip walk-in clinics.

Skip spending time to drive over to your clinic and wait to see a doctor, instead log on to any piece of tech that you own and get in touch with a Canadian-licensed doctor almost instantly! It’s that easy, and whether you want to make it an audio call or video, or book an appointment or simply pop-in, the options are there for you to help you receive your needs as conveniently as possible.

Consult an online doctor - walk-in online clinic
Consult an online doctor – walk-in online clinic

Why Use online doctor?

Why not use online doctors! They’re the same doctors that you and I have been seeing this whole time, except this time you would be consulting them through the comfort of your home, in your favorite chair or perhaps even bed. As well as making it more accessible and less time consuming, online doctors also help prevent you from unnecessary exposure when going into public places; such as a doctor’s clinic. With the changing situation of COVID-19 in our society, the virus is still just as present in our world, and if you can avoid going to places and reducing exposure, that is never a bad thing to have.

How Next-level Works

In only a few simple steps Next-level will assist you with your first virtual clinic appointment!

  1. Fill out the form and make sure to specify areas of concern and/or questions that you may have
  2. Wait for a doctor or practitioner to contact you and get in touch
  3. Have an appointment and discuss any concerns you have through secure messaging, audio, and/or video calls
  4. Wait for the follow-up or requisitions that your doctor may send you to get done 

Welcome to Next-level!

What we can do

Online doctors are still just the same doctors and more or less have the same abilities as they do in in-person clinics, such as:

  • Provide you with any family or OBGYN medical and primary needs,
  • Prescribing medications,
  • Have lab work ordered to be done, and give you lab work requisitions,
  • Write you sick/doctors notes for work and/or school

What we can’t do

However there are certain things that our doctors are not able to do through the virtual clinics, which include:

    • Prescribing controlled drugs, such as narcotics
    • Assist with medical emergencies  – if you believe you are experiencing an emergency call 911 immediately and/or get to your nearest Emergency Room
    • Write backdated sick/doctors notes for illnesses that have occurred in the past
    • Physical exams through a virtual setting – if you require a physical exam, contact us and have an in-person consultation booked

For more information on our policies and can’s and cant’s in the virtual field, contact us and we’d be happy to help you with any questions and concerns that you may have.

About Us: Walk-in online clinic

About Us: Walk-in online clinic
About Us: Walk-in online clinic

At the end of the day, and in our constantly evolving world, remote communities have only been growing, especially in the past year and a half with the COVID-19 Pandemic. With telemedicine becoming more and more popular, currently the industry is growing faster than doctors being hired which causes issues. Our goal is to help grow remote medicine, and believe that someone shouldn’t feel at a disadvantage when they cannot make it to their clinic. More subjects and problems can be covered through virtual clinics than many realize, and in extreme cases, in-person consultations can always take place as well.